Counselling and Coaching

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What are counselling and coaching?

Counselling and coaching are a holistic service for people who are exposed to everyday challenges or face particular life crises, who want to give their lives a new orientation or work on their self- improvement or personal development.

How do counselling and coaching work?

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Long-lasting difficulties, unprocessed grief, fears and worries can sometimes lead to emotional problems, cause physical discomfort and/or generate a crisis of faith. In counselling and coaching it is assumed that under certain conditions people can learn to better understand themselves and find new ways of coping.

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When nothing has to be repressed or concealed any longer, change can happen. Your worries, feelings and fears are secure in a trusting relationship and safe environment. Through a pragmatic approach to the topic, in which your values, ideas and needs are taken seriously, solutions can be worked out together. Integration into everyday life is of great importance.

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Counselling and coaching support you in getting to the bottom of psychosomatic disorders and in regaining your inner balance. It’s all about working together in order to promote and maintain an improved health in all areas of life.

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Process and Duration

After an initial discussion to clarify the areas of life in which change is needed (relationship, family, friendship, work, leisure), a formulation phase of setting goals follows.

The focus here is on understanding the problem as well as the confidence that it can be solved. We work out a number of ideas and possibilities to facilitate the choice of a particular strategy. This is followed by the implementation phase.

Depending on the complexity of the matter, individual pace and readiness for change, a varying number of appointments may be necessary.

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